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Our Customer Promise

Promise 1

Low Costs, discount and High quality

We provide our products at a low and cheap cost. We endeavour to keep our costs low and cheap because we can. Just because they are cheap and low cost does not mean we compromise on quality. As we have stripped out the middle man from the supply equation, we can sell you our products at the discount price. The products are of high quality and durable. It simply means you save money but still have a genuinely good quality sofa for your room.

Promise 2

Wide selection and range

We feel that we have a large selection of products to suit any taste. We have the best selection of sofas and chairs for your pleasure, including 2 seaters, 3 seaters. In addition we have the colours to suit the decor and needs of your living room such as black, brown, white or red or combination colours such Brown/beige and black and grey.

Promise 3


Our commitment to the highest levels customer service is the most important part of our company. Our aim is long-term relationships with our customers through trusted, reliable and high quality service